Seeking His Love

Falling madly truly and crazy in love with Jesus Christ my Savior :)

February 1, 2012 10:13 am

Twisted Beauty

She is more precious then rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her. Proverbs 3:15

Morning Loves!!!

So this morning I picked up the Redeye, I haven’t lately usually I read it to see what the violence rate is and then look at the sports. Today I saw an article that said “Hotties that drive men wild” and I looked at the pictures and then read on and it said that this is a list that megan fox could barely make and angelina jolie didn’t make…so as I looked at it I instantly was like well dang, if megan fox and angelina jolie aren’t making this list what does that mean for the average girl who doesn’t look like Nicki Minaj Katie Upton and a few others that were on this “list”. This made me mad!!! We can get so caught up in trying to look desirable to men that we loose our identity and lists like these make us obsess with trying to be attractive or what society is listing as beautiful.

What they tend to leave out is even behind a beautiful glam look is a lot of hurt and loneliness but of course media leaves that out and even though we know celebrities have there troubles too we can so easily put them on the pedestal that leads us to feeling empty. Yes we should take of ourselves and do what makes us feel pretty but worth comes from within it has nothing to do with how you look, if your not investing time to love yourself you won’t feel beautiful because you will never feel like your enough.

I just pray we find our self worth from within and fight battles with truth from the Lord…Imagine being in love with someone who created you and thinks your are beautiful no matter how messed up we can be…and yes even when us ladies are emotional :)

Have a blessed day loves!

I will be posting verses on Fb on beauty today…I have to fight off lies myself!! <3